Top 5 Car Batteries in 2021

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Cars with the wrong battery can reduce their efficiency as well as their lifespan. The wrong battery might tamper with the car's electrical system. This makes it very important that you pick the best car battery. The car battery needs replacing at least once or twice during the life of the vehicle since it gets old or worn out as a result of the heat and repeated charging and discharging.

The battery life depends on the driving style and on the way you take care of the vehicle. This article talks about the simplest ways you can extend the life of your car. It is essential for you to choose a car battery that works and will last for a long time.

It is actually not that easy to choose the best battery for your car. There are many car battery brands on the market, all of them claiming to be the best. There is always confusion on which one to choose.

These are the top 5 battery products that Automovill recommends for better vehicle life:

1. Tata Green PREMIO 38B20R Car Battery


With a long history of pioneering industrial batteries, Tata Batteries has batteries that are the finest available today. Float sensors are placed inside the battery to gauge the relative water levels in each cell to ensure optimum performance and trouble-free use. The price range of the model is around Rs. 5572/-.Battery specifications:

ModelTATA Green TG PREMIO 38B20R Car Battery
Vehicle Service TypePassenger
Country of OriginIndia
Capacity65 Ah
Warranty30 Months Flat + 28 Months Pro-rata

2. Amaron FLO- Din 45Ah


Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL), the largest manufacturers of Stand-by VRLA Industrial Batteries in India. Amaron batteries are the best choice if you need a battery for commercial use or for your SUV car. The model Amaron FLO- Din 45Ah has a 45Ah voltage, so it has a much longer battery life and is substantially more durable. We liked some of the specifications like battery maintenance, warranty, durability, small size, and weight. You can get the warranty extended for an additional 25 months for free, so you will face very little maintenance costs. During the warranty period, any issues will be easily resolved. You can buy the battery for Rs. 5,399. This makes it one of the best SUV choices available. Battery specifications:

ModelAAM-FL-545106036 (DIN45)
Vehicle Service TypeFord fiesta,eco sport,Ford Figo
Voltage12 Volts
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight20 kg
Capacity45 Ah
Warranty55 Months (30 Months Free + 25 Months Pro Rata)
Battery LayoutLeft Layout



One of the most popular car battery brands in India is EXIDE. The Exide EPIQ battery series model has a 74Ah battery capacity that is best suited to your SUVs. The battery has an overall warranty period of 77 months. It also has PENTA ALLOY, a special corrosion-resistant metal that greatly increases corrosion resistance in service. The price of the battery is around Rs.19,999. Battery specifications:

Vehicle Service TypePassenger Car/SUV
Country of OriginIndia
Dimension278 (L)x175 (W)x190 (H)
Item Weight20 kg
Capacity74 Ah
Warranty42 Months Free + 35 Months Pro-Rata
Battery LayoutLeft Layout

4. 5. Exide FMI0-ML700L


With highly robust designs, Exide Mileage batteries are designed to meet the most stringent application requirements. This battery has a capacity of 65Ah, making it a high-performance battery. Because the warranty is free for 30 months and you can get it extended for further 25 months, you don't have to worry about the maintenance cost. The battery is available at the price of Rs. 6200. Battery specifications:

ModelExide FMI0-ML700L
Vehicle Service TypePassenger
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight18.1 Kilograms
Capacity65 AH
Warranty0-30 Months Free + 31-55 Months Pro-rata
Product TypeTubular Battery

4. Amaron BLACK – 12V 35 Ah Front Car Battery


Amaron batteries provide long life and require little maintenance. This particular model has a voltage of 35Ah, which is perfect for every passenger car. Battery prices in India range from Rs. 3,359 to Rs. 3,999. Battery specifications:

ModelAmaron BLACK – 12V 35 Ah Front Car Battery
Vehicle Service TypePassenger
Voltage12 Volts
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight9.35 Kilograms
Capacity35 AH
Warranty18 months