Tesla’s Entry into the Indian Market in 2021: Model 3 EV

Elon Musk has finally announced the launch of California based EV company – Tesla in India on its operations from 2021. The news has also been confirmed by the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways – Nitin Gadkari. The company is expected to start sales in the mid-2021 year and would further look into the manufacturing and assembling unit plants in India depending on the response from the Indian market.

The Tesla Model 3 is a sedan, measuring about 4694 mm in length, making it one among some of the longest sedans like Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, Suzuki Ciaz, Skoda Octavia, etc. The dashboard of the sedan is well designed and uncluttered, with a 15- inch touchscreen display, making it the central command system to perform different functions. It offers 425 liters of boot space which is adequate to carry luggage.

The Model 3 sedan is loaded with features such as a tinted glass roof, 12-way adjustable seats, 15- speakers sound system, heated seats, two- wireless charging pads, and most importantly the Autopilot mode which needs a minimum of two inputs from the driver to run on mode. But on considering the Indian road traffic rules and regulations, the Autopilot mode is not likely to be embedded as a feature in the Indian models.

Powered by a Lithium-ion battery along with two electric motors, the standard model variant offers a driving range of around 400km in a single charge with a speed range of about 0 to 96.53 km/hr in just 5.3 seconds. The long-range AWD model of the Model 3 sedan offers a range of about 518 km on a single charge and a speed range of around 96.53 km/ hr in 4.4 seconds. Apart from the above two variants, Tesla also offers a high-performance variant, but it's unlikely to be offered in India. A standard charging point is expected to take around 20 hours to charge the sedan, whereas a 7KW charger is expected to take around 8.5 hours to charge the sedan completely.

Tesla is expected to make its debut in the Indian market with its base variant of the Model 3. These models would be shipped to India in a CBU (Completely Built-Up) form, due to which the sedan would be priced at a relatively higher price, which is expected to be around 55 Lakhs INR.