Most Common Questions on Car Service and Maintenance 2021

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Q1.Why is it important to maintain your vehicle regularly?

Answer:Your vehicle represents an investment you have made. If you don't maintain your vehicle, the only benefit is that you will save money, but you will have to deal with much higher costs in the end. In comparison with routine maintenance, vehicles that are poorly maintained will be more expensive to repair. Resale value will be affected as well if a vehicle is not maintained properly. Always have your car serviced by a trusted garage

Q2.What are the most common items you recommend for maintenance?

Answer:Engine oil and filter changes, tire rotations, battery tests, and vehicle inspections.

Q3.How often should I change my vehicle’s oil?

Answer:Engine oil should be changed after 10,000 kilometers or a year, whichever comes first. Maintaining the engine's health is very important, and changing the oil on a regular basis will ensure that the vehicle will last longer.

Q4.My driving isn't that frequent. Does my car need to be serviced?

Answer:Including your oil and filters, many things in your car naturally break down over time. will keep your car in good shape so you can drive it whenever you need to.

Q5.How does missing a car service affect me?

Answer:It is more likely that your car will develop problems if you leave it for too long. While missing your car service isn’t a big deal, it may cause several problems to your engine, so you should get your service done.

Q6.What is the proper pressure for my tires?

Answer:A 30-32 PSI pressure is recommended for road use on a daily basis.

Q7.What could be causing the noise coming from my car's brakes?

Answer:The brakes are made up of rotating components, which are pushed against (drum) or squeezed (disc). The drum and disc will vibrate, shake, and grab if they are out of round. Whenever something gets stuck between the drum or disc pads and the surface thereof, it will make a noise.

Q8.When should I replace my car battery?

Answer:A car battery normally needs to be replaced every three years. The majority of car batteries become almost completely inoperative after about four or five years.

Q9.How can I fix my car's coolant problem?

Answer:The regular maintenance of your radiator can also reveal loose and decaying hoses and other problems that can cause leaks. When you see signs of coolant leaking, it's best to take your car to an auto mechanic who can locate and fix the issue.

Q10.What is the recommended frequency of replacing serpentine belts?

Answer:Serpentine belts are built to last thanks to advances in rubber technology, and they can last much longer than before. It is recommended that a belt lasts for an average of 50,000 to 70,000 km.