Top 5 maintenance tips that will extend your car’s life

Gone are the days when people just rely on car service centres to maintain the car. Today, keeping a car healthy is akin to keeping one’s body in a healthy condition. It’s painful at times when you have to untimely repair the car and break your savings for it.

If you own a car or planning to buy a new car, then you should check out these 5 easy to remember tips to keep your car healthy

1. Break-in Period Alert:

If you have bought the car recently and now you want to maintain the car in top condition for as long as possible, then you should be easy-going during the break-in period, that is for the first 1500-2000 km.

  • Heavy loading should be avoided
  • Do not allow your car to stay idle for longer durations
  • Keep a check on speed and acceleration, which should not be too high

2. Checkout for Dashboard’s Warnings and Engine Oil:

Always keep track of dashboard warnings as there are many indicators present there that will help you to monitor the status of the battery, engine, temperature, brakes among others. Always consult a car service centre whenever you see such warnings on the dashboard. As blood is essential to the human body, so is engine oil for your car. Always keep a track of the time when you changed or refilled the engine oil as this is the most underestimated aspect which causes the high potential risk to the engine’s life.

3. Condition of the Tyres:

Though tyres are durable and have a long life, it is advisable to keep a check on the conditions of the tyres. The right time to change the tyres depends upon various factors like the condition of the roads, driving patterns, and tire wear. If your tire tread is worn out to the level of the bridge, then it's time to change the tyres.

4. Maintaining the Hygiene of the car:

Keep your car in the best possible condition, both internally and externally. If your car parking does not have covering then protect car paint from the sun by covering it, weekly car wash is required to protect your car from rust. Keep the interiors of your car neat and tidy by using a proper floor mat and seat covers. Regular dusting habits will ensure good condition.

5. Headlights and Window Check:

Often we tend to ignore the working condition of headlights and windowpanes. This could lend you in trouble on a rainy day when your car’s window is stuck due to some mechanical error or headlights stop working at night. It’s a handy practice to ensure that both windows and headlights are in proper working condition.