How to make your car battery last longer?

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A car battery is the powerhouse of the car as many of the components depend on it. AC, horns, headlights, music system, starter motors, ECU’s, etc. all depend on the battery to function. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for a car owner to keep the car battery healthy and running. Usually, a normal battery’s lifespan is somewhere around 4-6 years, but there are many other factors that can increase or decrease the lifespan of the battery. Let’s look at 7 ways how you can make your car battery last longer. Follow these steps to make your car battery last longer:

1. Don’t leave your car unused for a long period:

The battery is always draining slowly, even when the car is turned off since its terminals are connected and its circuit path is complete. As a result of the lockdown in the country, most of us are unable to use our vehicles. Since lockdown results in the cars remaining unused for long periods of time. In order to prevent damage to the battery, It is recommended to remove the battery terminals. Your car battery's life is shortened due to this slow discharge without your car being used. Besides that, you will also be spared the trouble of having to push-start your vehicle once your lockdown is over.

2. Avoid short trips, and try to drive long distances frequently

When you drive your car for longer distances its battery receives a full recharge in about 8 hours. On the other hand, short trips hinder it from charging completely by forming crystal deposits on the negative plates. It does not necessarily mean that you must drive your car for more than eight hours a day. Other options are also available. A portable charger is a good backup option if your car battery gets low on charge, or you can try turning off the heater, radio, and car lights, as well as anything else that relies on the battery.

3. Regularly clean your car battery

Regularly cleaning a car battery is one of the main reasons for the battery to last only 3-5 years. When you don’t clean your car battery regularly, corrosion starts to accumulate on it. It can usually be seen around clamps or nodes. A dirty battery can lead to problems like short circuits and discharge. To prevent this and keep your battery clean, you can use baking soda, water, and a toothbrush. Make a mixture of baking soda and water, dip a toothbrush into it and scrub the terminals of the battery. Then rinse the mixture off of it using a spray bottle and dry it using a cloth.

4. Check the water level regularly

You should keep an eye on the water level inside the battery as well since batteries use distilled water to dilute the acid. Over time, the water gets drained to the point where the level is too low. This causes the acid to concentrate. It can lead to corrosion and shorten the battery's lifespan. Make sure that water levels remain steady and if they get too low, refill them.

5. Turn off all lights when you leave your vehicle:

Your car's battery can be severely damaged if you accidentally leave your headlights and door lights on. In some cases, the parking lights are left on when we forget to turn them off. It's a good idea to make the habit of checking every light before you get out of your car. By doing this, you will prevent any load on the battery and prolong the battery's life.

6. Check your battery voltage once a month

The longer a battery is left fully or partially discharged, the shorter its life will be. In order to keep the battery running smoothly, it is necessary to check its voltage periodically. A lead-acid battery must have a voltage greater than 12.7 volts to be fully charged. When the voltage level drops below 12.5 volts, the battery should be recharged immediately. In terms of voltage, you shouldn't be complacent as 12.0 volts means an entirely dead battery.

7. Don't use electronics while idling

When your car is off, you shouldn't use the radio and air conditioning. It puts a strain on the engine. Some free tips which can increase your car's life. Even if the ignition of the car is not on and the other electronics like the headlights, air conditioner, or music system are on, the battery is still carrying all the weight. As a result, your car battery life is adversely affected since it cannot handle the prolonged load. The best thing to do while your car is idling is to turn off all the electrical devices.