Best Tyres available for your car

What is the most common part of any automotive? Which part of your car gets wear and tear a lot? I think the answer would be Tyres. We use different types of tyres based on terrain, safety standards for various vehicles. They are most prone to repair or service among all the parts of the car. They always bear the risk of getting punctured and blown out frequently. So, car users have to be careful when considering when and which type of tyre one has to buy.

When should we change tyres?

According to Automakers, one should change the tyres every six years for a typical car model. But one should always check their car manual to check about the life of a tyre without considering the tyre's wear and tear. Always remind the service center to check the condition of the tyre. Below are some of the conditions that need to be observed regarding the tyres:

  • Vibration when driving

    If there are any vibrations felt while driving, consider it as a sign of a wheels misalignment or problem with the rubber of the tyre

  • Tread depth

    Check if the surface of the tyres is flat and smooth due to wear and tear. If ignored this leads to the possibility of losing control and other unexpected situations on the road

  • Sidewall cracks

    If there are any tears on sides of the tyres, please be mindful and replace as it is prone to getting easily punctured

  • Bulges and Blisters

    If there are any bulges and blisters, then it can be considered as a warning sign. Next time when you go for a car service, ask the employees to check the possibility of Internal damage to the tyre

What are the best tyre brands?

There are many types of tyres where we can use. Some of them can be purchased and changed depending on the season. Below are some of the best brands to consider when purchasing tyres:

  • Michelin:

    Michelin is a French brand and was touted as the Best tyre company in the world. The tyres of this brand are very famous for the rubber used to make the tyres. They are a bit costly compared to the other brands, but it was worth it for the quality, and you would never regret the purchase.

  • Pirelli:

    Pirelli is one of the oldest brands in the world, it was started in Milan in 1872. Even though this brand is famous for the tyres of High-performance cars, it has good reputation in the segment of SUV’s and sedan cars. This brand has the highest tread life warranty.

  • Goodyear:

    Goodyear is one of the most prominent tyre brands in the world which was founded in 1898 in America. It manufactures and provides tyres varying from motorcycle to Airplane. This brand has wide variety of options to choose when you are purchasing.

  • Bridgestone:

    Unlike other brands which hails from Europe or North America, Bridgestone is from Japan and was founded in 1931. This brand is well known all over the world with 141 production facilities in 24 countries. So wherever you are there is a good chance that you will come across this brand.

  • Continental:

    Continental is a tyre company from Germany which is just behind the above mentioned four brands in the terms of brand value. This brand of tyres concentrates mostly on the aspects of Safety, Fuel economy and Environmentally friendly combined.

Regular tyre maintenance is suggestable for safety and also to save the fuel economy, We at AUTOMOVILL would always help you with better decision making regarding tyres and other repairs at our service centers.