7 Important Regular Checks for your Car

Regular checks and maintenance of your car are very much essential depending on the time and external conditions. It helps in maintaining a smooth performance to the car, increases the lifetime of your car, and also gives a relatively resale value when you want to sell the car. Hence be sure of the maintenance schedule and service timeliness.

7 important things that you must keep a check on your car regularly are:

Wash Your Car

Washing your car regularly is the best way of keeping the car clean from the road dust, bird dropping, and all other sorts of dust particles that can cause damage to the paint. Accumulation of mud in the rim of the tyres and also on the chassis of the car can gradually degrade the lifetime.

Reach out to a trusted car service vendor and get your car cleaned internally and externally regularly. Automovill is one of the leading trusted services in this sector and is available for your service

Car Insurance

Check the insurance policy expiry date and get it renewed without fail. It's one of the most important documents to be maintained by holding a car as per the government regulation norms. Also, be aware of all the flexibilities and claim opportunities in your policy as it becomes very handy at the time of need. Reach out to your insurance policy expert for further clarifications on your policy details.

Regular Car Check-Up

A regular car check-up at a trusted car service centre with trained automobile technicians is very important to diagnose the condition of the car.

Test the Head Lights, Brake Lights, Turn -Indicator lights and Parking Signals

The lights are indicators or signals of what the driver’s next move is while driving the car. Hence a non-functional bulb is a hazard and can lead to serious consequences. Keep a check on the working of these regularly and replace them if needed at your trusted service centre.

Oil Check

Check for any indications on brake oil, engine oil in the dashboard and get it checked when in doubt or replace it yourself if you are completely aware of the procedure to change it. In this case, you need to know the type of oil which is best for your car. A trusted car service would advise you on the best type and brand of oil to be used for your car.

Tyre Air Pressure and Thread Depth

Proper tyre maintenance and correct pressure levels are of prime importance to maintain a good road grip, a smooth travel experience, and also gain better mileage. Check the tyre pressures every 3-4 weeks and even more frequently on more travel. Also, keep a check on the tyre pressure of the stepney

Wheel Alignment and Balancing

Wheel alignment is important to check if there is no unequal pressure on any of the 4 tyres of the car, as this will cause gradual degradation of that particular tyre . It's also important for the steering and the alignment to be completely in sync. In case of a slight doubt, it's advisable to get in touch with a service centre to check the wheel alignment, wheel rotation, and also wheel balancing of your car.

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