Top 7 Car Care Checklist Post - COVID-19 Lockdown

As the lockdown rules are being relaxed in a phased manner, we presume now you might feel the need for your car to hit the roads again. We understand that you might be concerned about your cars health.

Here is the top 7 car care checklist post - COVID-19 lockdown that every car owner must follow. This self-diagnosis will help prevent any further damage to your car due to the lockdown hibernation. Let’s go through some basic car care checks before your car hits the road.

Step 1

Get a stick along with you. Now, why is that? We’re explaining. Remove any cover if you have used to protect it. Now check below the car, you might find your neighbourhood cat or dog sleeping underneath or possibly your garden snake may also be found enjoying the shade. And that’s fine, as the Sun is raising the mercury level these days. So to be safe, you need a stick. Look for any signs of damages in the exterior of the car. The rats may damage some critical cables during this period.

Step 2

Now check your tyres. Are they deflated? Keeping the car in a stationary place for a long time can lead to tyre deflation. If they’re deflated, don’t ride far. It can cause cracks, cuts, or even permanent damage in your wheel. Get the right tyre pressure with your inflator. Open the bonnet, check your engine oil and coolant level too.

Step 3

Unlock the car and check the interiors. Open all the doors and check the seat covers, cushions, and interior for any damage. Hit them and make little noise, so that if anything is hiding, it will go away. Keep all the doors and windows open for a few minutes to let the odour go away.

Step 4

Well it’s time now to take the riding seat and take steering in your hands. Put your key and start the ignition. Is it starting? If not, your car battery’s charge must have drained and it will drain out completely if you keep cranking the engine repeatedly. You may need to jump-start your car.

Step 5

Jump starting the car can be done in two ways. In the first method, we put the car in the ignition and keep the gear engaged in 2 nd position. Ask someone to push the car a little, when momentum is built release the clutch. This should get your car engine started.

If this doesn’t work, we have got another way for you. For this, you will need jumper cables and a working battery of another car. Wait! Safety first, let’s put the gear in the neutral mode

Now start connecting the cables. Remember the colour codes, red for +ve terminal and black for –ve terminal. Connect the red cables first and then the black ones. Here connect one end to the –ve terminal of the donor car and the other one to any non- coated metal surface.

Let’s get it started now, start the donor car first, and wait for 5-10 minutes. Do you see your car interior lights illuminating? If even this doesn’t work, it seems like your battery is dead and needs to be recharged. In that case, give us a call and Automovill’s doorstep jumpstart service will come to your doorstep to revive your car.

Step 6

Once the engine is started, keep it idle for 5-10 minutes. Meanwhile, you can also check if your AC is working properly. Don’t forget to check the headlights. Are they illuminating? Check your wipers and clear the front windshield for visibility. Clean them if needed or reach out to us for detailed cleaning.

Step 7

The last car care checklist focusses on your brakes. If your hand-brake has been engaged for a long time, it can be get jammed or even the brake drums can start rusting. Is the brake pedal movement free? You can check it by allowing the car to move a little forward and try pressing the pedal slowly, to see if it’s working fine or not.

Once this checklist is done, you’re ready to hit the roads again. But during this pandemic, it is wiser to avoid unnecessary travels. Use your cars only if necessary until the crisis is over. We recommend everyone to practice strict safety protocols and follow social distancing to break the chain of COVID-19. Let’s stay safe and fight this together because this too shall pass.